TPLink WiFi Setup

TP Link Setup

May 22, 2018

Follow These Steps to Access TP LINK Setup Page Through


  • If you have already tried and did the setup you need to reset your  TP Link Router before following these steps.
  • Remove all the cables and just keep Power Plugged in.
  • Press the reset button for 30 seconds. ( Where is the reset button?)
  • Now, wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • First Plug the Ethernet cable from Modem to TP Link router WAN port.
  • Now run another Ethernet cable from TP Link Router LAN port to PC.
  • Now Visit Http://
  • Use Google Chrome.


  • Maybe You See login page Then use admin to access TPLink Router Setup Page.
  • But if you Don’t See the Login page use TP Link Default IP address.
  • Now Click on TP Link Quick Setup Or Setup Wizard.
  • Choose language and Time Zone and Proceed.
  • Choose Internet Connection Type. ( I prefer to do Auto Detect)
  • Type the name and Password and Proceed.
  • Test the Internet Connection Before Closing the TP Link WiFi Setup Window.


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