How do I fix my modem not connecting with the internet?

Follow some of the steps to make your modem to get connected to the WIFI network.

  1. First try to restart your computer. Push the power button or from the window restart your computer. 
  2. The wireless adapter of your laptop or computer must be enabled. Restart your Internet modem and the router one by one. Remove the cables and then insert them again.
  3. Perform a soft reset using the reset button, or you can perform a hard reset using the smart web interface on your network.
  4. Try to move your router closer to your Tplink WIFI modem or the satellite. 
  5. The line of sight must be clear, and there should not be any gap or hurdle between you and your router. 
  6. Try to connect the devices, your computer, laptop, PC, modem, and the router using an Ethernet cable.
  7. Clear and remove all the browser caches and history to kill the wipe the bugs from your computer. 
  8. Clear the DNS caches on your computer as it can lead to over loading on your network.  
  9. Update the firmware of your router and the modem both one by one to get the new and trending feature in your router.  
  10. Use a separate web-browser to have a reliable login process in just a few simple steps and methods. Fresh browser can access any kind of web address very quickly and without getting any errors in between the process of configuration.

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