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Unable to configure My TP-Link Deco Wi-Fi Mesh router even after successful installation

Here we are going to describe four situations in which you can establish a secure connection to your TP-Link Deco M9 Plus router. Follow these four situations and the described steps in these lines.

1st Situation: If your Deco app is unable to find the Deco units

  • To resolve this situation, first of all disable the Bluetooth mode on your phone, and after a minute enable it again.
  • Make sure that the LEDs on your Deco M9 Plus are pulsing blue, else you need to reboot the router.
  • If rebooting the router does not solve your problem, then you have to reset the Deco router to its default settings by pressing the reset button on your router. 
  • After performing all of the above measures, you have to bring your mobile a little closure to your phone. 
  • Make sure that the power saving mode on your mobile or iPhone should be disabled.
  • On your Smartphone or iPhone, you have to authorize the location function for your Deco M9 Plus router.

2nd Situation: If your Deco is not connecting to the modem

  • In this situation, when your Deco Wi-Fi Mesh router is not able to connect to your modem,then check the wired connections carefully. The Ethernet wire that you have used to connect with the Deco units with the modem, should not be loose or rugged. 
  • Sometimes it can happen that your Deco has successfully connected to the modem, but still not receiving a WAN IP address. 
  • To solve this problem, you have to associate your PC with the modem directly. Also check the internet connection that is it working or not.
  • Check the LAN IPv4 address together with the gateway on your PC.  

3rd Situation: If your Deco units fails to associate with your TP-Link cloud

In such trouble you need to bring a different and a brand new Ethernet cable to make a connection between your PC and the Deco router of and if it works well, then you must check the firewall on the modem that is it set on high or on the medium level? if it is on high or medium, then bring it to a low level or just make it disabled. 

If you still find your router not connected to the internet connection, then you have to move your fingers to switch off the modem and the router, then you will have to power on the router again. After finishing the reboot process, again check the internet connection. 

If your PC could not establish a connection with the LAN port, even after putting in the Ethernet cable, then call your ISP to disable the feature of MAC filtering. If after doing so much efforts, your modem starts working properly, but still is connected to your older router, then you have to Deco router with the chief LAN port of your previous router. 

Now, connect your mobile with the Wi-Fi connection of your old router, and then configure the chief Deco M9 Plus router by using a special “Deco App” of As the configuration process gets over, then you can connect the main Deco M9 Plus router with the modem. 

4th Situation: That is testing the whole connection

  • Move closure your main Deco to the remote Deco, and then reset the remote/secondary Deco and re-configure it.

How do I setup My Deco M9 Plus router with the Deco Mobile App

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus is a pack of three units with the main router. It provides the users a seamless WIFI coverage, and it also eliminates all the dead zones or weak signal areas in your home. Due to the advanced Mesh Technology of this Deco router and it’s all units which together form a unified whole-home network, using the same network. It automatically chooses the most suitable connections for the devices that you are using around your entire home. This WIFI Mesh system can cover up to an area of 4500 square feet to 10,000 square feet by adding more and more Deco units to your WIFI network. It also gives a dynamic backhaul of 1.5 Gbps that ensures the users avail a stable, fast and continuous WIFI connections. To handle this unique Deco routers, there is an excellent app, that is called the Deco App. Deco M9, Deco M4, Deco M5, etc. are the hub of wireless and smart home devices. This amazing WIFI router can handle traffic, even from the busiest path of networks, and beyond your imagination, it allows you to handle over 100 devices with a single wireless network. 

Login and configuration steps to your Deco M9 plus router. 

  1. In your deco package, there will be a main Deco unit, along with three other nodes, Power Adapter Ethernet Cable, etc. 
  2. Down load the app and in your mobile, and launch the app. You can visit to support site and can download the app. You can also download the app from the Google play store or from the Apple play store. 
  3. After installing and downloading the app you can launch the app. Log in the app and sign to the Deco app, and set up a Deco ID for your TP-Link account. In case you already have the TP-Link cloud account, then you can log in easily with your cloud account. 
  4. To start the setup process at the “Welcome to Deco page” there will be an option with the heading “Let’s Begin” click to that. This Deco app can be used for multiple models of the Deco Mesh Wi-Fi system, here we are using Deco M9 Plus. 
  5. Pick a single node out of the three nodes along with an Ethernet cable and a Power Adapter. Power off the modem first by pulling out the plug from the socket board, and take out the back up batteries of your modem, is it carries.
  6. Now you have to make a direct connection of your Deco node and the Ethernet cable by putting in the cable into the power outlet from the WAN port of Deco router. Then press the power on button to power on the Deco M9 Plus router, and wait to see the LED ring on the router to blink solid Blue. There will be three types of LEDs colour that your Deco will show you. The yellow LED means your router is gearing now, wait for a while. Next is pulsing blue that means your Deco M9 plus is ready to set up and configure.
  7. Do not unplug the power form the UTOPIA Equipment, and connect the Ethernet cable to the UTOPIA Equipment that is Typically called the GE1, and input the other end of your Ethernet cable to the Deco M9 plus device. 
  8. Wait for the LEDs to light solid blue, as the LEDs are the symbol of a good power supply to your router. Blinking LEDs are the best way to check the status of the routers and the modems. 
  9. Now your Deco app will start finding your Deco node, meanwhile do not minimize or close the app, it can prohibit the setup process from being into action. 
  10. To complete the setup, the Deco app will use the Bluetooth feature of your mobile or iPhone and will connect to the Deco node to full fill the setup progress. 
  11. For better management, use the accurate location of your place, when the app will give you a pop up to select the location. If the location provided by you fails to work, then we recommend you to use the “Custom” feature. 
  12. Deco app is a smart app, that detects your internet connection very smartly. By default, UTOPIA Residential connections are always dynamic. 
  13. The connection type that you have to opt for, should be a dynamic IP. Deco can also support other different types of connections such as PPPoE and static IP. 
  14. It is a strong recommendation by the and the UTOPIA, not to set up a custom address, instead, always make use of default MAC Address. If you go for a custom MAC address, that will come under an advanced Networking and will not be supported by your Deco router and mobile app. 
  15. Now your Deco M9 plus has been set up and have connected to the internet. Now you can have your personalized or custom WIFI network name. Enter a name for your Network (SSID) and a password. These two are the default phrases, which are used to configure the router. 
  16. Now your Deco M9 plus will be saving the settings and configuration so that your entire WIFI enabled devices can be hooked to your Deco WIFI network. 
  17. After finishing these configurations, the Deco app will ask you to verify its settings. While completing the page, you need to write down this verification information, or get a screenshot of this page for the future use of this app. 
  18. In most of the smartphones, there is a feature to connect automatically to the WIFI network to complete the setup of this Deco system. Once you see that your Smartphone or the iPhone is connected to the Deco WIFI Network, then it is clear that your deco system is ready to use.