Update the Firmware of my Tplinkwifi.net Deco routers

For the maintenance and lifetime better performance, the Firmware is the most important part of the router and other engineering products. Whenever the firmware update is available, you will start getting notifications through your Deco app, and if you have a cloud account, then you will get the firmware update notifications automatically by your router. You can even estimate with yourself that your router needs a firmware update. If your router is running with a very slow pace, poor performance, continue drop of connections or temporarily the network will not be available for a long time, which means you required to perform firmware update process in your router. 

  1. Go to the notification bar of the Deco Home page screen, and look for the notifications about updating the firmware of your router.
  2. If you could see the firmware update, then click on that notification “Update Now” the Deco app will go through all your Deco Nodes, to let them updated all at once.  
  3. If the firmware update will be completed, it will give you confirmation about all the features that you will get after updating this firmware. You will also get confirmation that what are the features that you are going to get renewed via this process. After reviewing all the updates, you need to click at the “Download the Firmware”.
  4. While beginning this update process, you will get a prompt that your WIFI network is going to be offline. 
  5. The update durations depend on the size and the file that you are going to update. Do not minimize or close the app while running this process. 
  6. After getting the firmware update for each of your nodes, it will ask for the approval to install. Click to “INSTALL”.
  7. Now you would be given a cue to regarding the confirmation. Finishing the update, your Deco router, and all the Deco nodes will start rebooting and will become online, and as you get the updates installed in your deco units, you will receive the notifications that your tplinkwifi.net firmware update process has been completed.

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